About compunect

After ten years of professional experience with data processing and linux, compunect e.K was founded in Germany, 2012.
We are a small team of professionals with deep professional experiences in the areas of programming, automation, security and linux.
We excell at challening tasks. For example large scaled data mining and aggregation of human readable strings for automated processing.
Our experience includes implementation of neural networks, machine learning is used when no usual algorithm can process data.
compunect was originally founded in Germany, since 2014 it is situated in Prague, Czech Republic.

Internet services

We provide access to hundred thousands of exclusive US IP addresses through a simple HTTP based API, all our IPs are self owned (RIPE and ARIN assignments).
Our IP addresses are not shared, properly geo-located and hosted at various cities, running on dedicated equipment and have no abusive history on their record.
US IP addresses are perfect for global and US based projects, in the majority of cases also well suited for localized projects.
We can provide dedicated Linux servers or just help you to lease, configure and manage your own server.

Design, development, continued service

We have 20+ years of professional experience in Linux (user and kernel space), embedded development (X86, ARM, AVR), C/C++, Bash, PHP, HTML, Java, Javascript, Security, IPtables and mobile devices.