Rent dedicated US IP addresses

US IP rental

As soon as a project with the task of scraping has to be developed two major problems rise for most companies:
1) Your developers lack experience with scraping or even operating a full automated task reliable.
2) Once the development has started the activity almost always causes the company IP addresses to be banned/blocked.
Inexperienced developers, IP address overusage, wrong OS choices .. there are many potential traps.

We provide access to highest quality US hosted IP addresses without abusive history and with exclusive access.
This is a customized service only available for professional projects.

About renting US IP addresses

We offer US IP addresses from multiple dedicated servers located at various different cities in the USA.
The IP addresses will be available as proxy and are controlled through an API (HTTP based) especially designed for this purpose.
The API allows to rotate between IP addresses without changing application proxy settings. Our customers receive continued support from our developers who will help until the IP service is integrated properly. We strictly prohibit any spam or IP overusage to prevent any potential legal issues and IP blocks.

For details please take a look at the IP rental API documentation


Our IP service is always prepaid either by month through PayPal or by year through wire transaction.
It is possible to upgrade the number of IPs on request so you can ramp up your IPs as your project grows.
The price will depend on your activity but in common cases you can expect a rate between 3 and 10 USD per IP address/month, depending on the amount of IPs leased.
For detailed pricing please take a look at the available standard IP rental plans
Please contact us [ip-service(AT)] for a price quote or to discuss your requirements.

Design, development, continued service

To start with data mining you should take a look at our open source project, we offer advanced Google scraping source code.

We have 10+ years of professional experience in Linux, embedded development, C/C++, Bash, PHP, HTML, Java, Javascript, Security/IPtables and mobile devices.
If you need help for developemnt or customization you are welcome to contact us.

Rent US IP addresses as a service now

Please follow to this webservice for professional US IP rental.

You are welcome to write an email to ip-service(AT); Include your legal identity, project details, amount of IPs required and the expected project duration.