What we offer

Our core services

With our knowedge and experience we can help you to design your project properly.
It does not matter if you require help with the first idea or specific technical guidelines, we can do it.

We have experts at many programming languages, including C, C++, Bash, PHP, HTML, Java, Javascript

Server rental
We can rent you dedicated server equipment through our partners and will help you choose the right features.

Linux Server management
We can manage your rented or owned Linux server properly,install and configure software, manage local firewalls (IPtables/Netfilter) and security updates.

IP Service
We offer a customized high professional contractless API controlled IP service, providing highest quality US IP addresses from multiple US cities.

Web Design
Not directly our core service but we offer web development through external partners, this comes handy when combining our developed backend with a perfect frontend

We can manage Google Ad campaigns for you, cut to your products, requirements and monthly budget. For relatively small money our campaigns can lead you a lot of new customers.